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410 Child Street, Warren, RI 02885

Here at TCW Warren, we believe that children learn through play. Our core values encourage young children to continue their educational journey by playing in a safe environment, being kind, putting forth their best in all they do, and always striving to learn and grow. Students of all ages can play and learn similar to how they would in school. Even after the traditional school year has come to an end, parents love our Summer Camp program. From language to social skills, no stone is left unturned as kids of all ages enhance their education all season long.

We inspire to spark creativity, joy and a love of learning in every child. We believe in providing high quality care to children and their families, are NAEYC Accredited and have a 4 star rating in Brightstars.  Give us a call today and help your child enroll in an educational setting they will love.


State Pre-K


Summer Programs


Back-up Care





& Pre-K

Our RI State Pre-K classroom in Warren recently earned CECE Program Approval.


The Rhode Island Department of Education only awards CECE approval (by Comprehensive Early Childhood Education Program Standards) to programs with proven commitment to providing children with the HIGHEST quality early childhood education.

We are very proud that all 6 of our locations are BrightStars rated programs!
One of the most fundamental decisions as a parent is choosing the right early learning environment to help nurture your child’s learning and development. When researching programs in Rhode Island, parents can look to BrightStars for an indication of quality. The more stars a program has, the more research-based best practices are used to support children, families, and the professionals caring for the children.
Our TCW Warren location has a 4-star BrightStars rating.  



Tracy Silvia  |  Director

Hi! My name is Tracy and I have been with TCW for 8 years, where I started my journey as the School Age Coordinator.  I love being able to inspire and motivate children to reach their full potential.  As the Director of our Warren location, I am now able to do this at an even greater level with the teachers, families and our community.  I strongly believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn in a high-quality early learning center.  To ensure this, we as educators, must put the child first.  We must provide children with developmentally appropriate curriculum, assessment and family engagement opportunities.  Children need a chance to learn through play and educators need to have knowledge and an understanding of what the children know and are able to do.

The school is currently open from 7:00 am to 5:45 pm and tuition includes breakfast, hot lunch, and daily snacks.

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