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A well-crafted curriculum is what drives children’s learning and success.


At The Children’s Workshop, our goal is to provide children with developmentally appropriate curriculum throughout their early learning years. To ensure we can reach that goal, we utilize a combination of curricula to meet the developmental needs of children of different ages. 

Art Class

Emergent Curriculum

Creative Curriculum

Conscious Discipline


Emergent Curriculum is a philosophy of teaching that responds to children's interests and creates meaningful learning experiences from them.


It can be practiced at any grade level; but for our youngest children, infants and toddlers, we focus primarily on social emotional learning. This is embedded into the activities of thematic explorations, which are developed based on the children’s interests. 

Reinforcing our curriculum is a practice of social emotional learning known as Conscious Discipline. This is a transformative approach, which is evidence-based and trauma-informed, that guides children’s social emotional learning and supports classroom management.


"For over 20 years, Conscious Discipline has fostered a fundamental shift in thinking that empowers adults and children to be the change they want to see in the world." -

All classroom activities are aligned to the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards (RIELDS), which outline what children should know and be able to do. It also helps teachers set goals for their students in terms of:

  • Physical & Motor Health

  • Social & Emotional

  • Language

  • Literacy

  • Cognitive

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Creative Arts

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